Warakudo introduction
There is a three story building store from old NIKKO city hall of the castle – style architecture. The mark of our shop is lantern signboard. It takes ten minutes from Toubunikkou station. Our shop opened in January 2016.
We collect the products of Japanese culture. We would like you to take up these products and enjoy for yourself. That is concept and reason of we named our shop Warakudo.
We sell the Japanese traditional souvenirs of Kimono, Haori, Obi, Yukata, Lantern, Umbrella, Sandals, Foldingfan, Nikkobori, Pottery and so on. All Japanese clothes are antiques.
And craftsmans make clothe bug, Hat, Tunic, Tsumamicraft, Vidrocraft, Koginzashi, Gamaguchi, Claycraft, Smartphone case, brooch, strap and soon. There products exhibit and sell in our shop.
If you come to our shop, you will surprise and want at low cost price tag. You will find favorite products. We would like you to come to Warakudo.